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Staring A/S Manufactures concrete mixers, soil compactors and other vibrating equipment, converyor belts, mixing plants, moulds to any make and slabmachinery for the building and construction industry.

Uelzener was founded as a machine factory in 1883, originally starting with tailor made machines. Uelzener develops and distributs plastering machines, mortar pumps and screed pumps as well as special machines for the mining industry and the refractory sector. Trade marks PUTZKNECHT, ESTROMAT, UELMAT are known all over the world and stand for innovation, quality, reliability and high technical development.


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The Staring Silo System for filling from big bags is suitable for small building sites. The system is developed for building projects where bag filling is too slow and often too expensive and where large silos may be too large both as regards to content and physical size.

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Conveyor for loading a forced-flow mixer.

The mortar conveyor is highly suited for loading the following materials:

  • Gravel

  • Concrete

  • Soil

  • Rubble

  • Sand

  • Excavations in a basement with a narrow accessibillity or other inaccessible places. 

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