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HEPHA is headquartered in France with facilities across the world.

HEPHA have been experts in dense and insulating refractory castables since 1997, developing and marketing a comprehensive range of products and services for industries with high-temperature facilities.

HEPHA are attentive to our customers' changing requirements so have always invested significantly in production facilities.

Throughout the process, from choosing the raw materials to the finished product, HEPHA's refractory castables are inspected and tested according to the applicable standards (mechanical testing, particle size, proportioning, etc.)


HEPHA’s LIGHT RANGE comes in castable and gunnable versions (LIGHTCAST and LIGHTGUN). From a density of 0.5 with very low thermal conductivity to a level of 1.7 for products that combine mechanical resistance with insulation, the range covers numerous applications. Our silica-alumina are recognized in the glass, incineration and cement industries, as well as many other fields, and are present in a wide variety of compositions, specific to each industry.


HEPHA’s STANDARD RANGE comes in castable and gunnable versions. These products are particularly recommended for zones operating at low temperature (< 1000°C) with little or no ceramization. Also suitable for temperatures of up to 1800°C, the standard range is recognized for its robustness and easy implementation.


HEPHA’s SUPER RANGE comes in castable and gunnable versions (SUPERCAST and SUPERGUN). Recognized by heating engineers, the performance of these highly technical products is outstanding. The range includes our concrete with low, ultra-low and average cement content.


HEPHA’s COLL RANGE comes in castable and gunnable versions (COLLCAST and COLLGUN). The COLL range is specifically for zones where it is difficult for customers to control annealing. This is also a reference product for corrosion-sensitive zones.

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